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Color & Shine without Commitment

A professional Shine treatment is completely different than your usual color session at the salon. It's a great service to revive your hair, giving you that gorgeous, youthful shine & texture you love. Think of it as an Instagram filter for your hair. Regardless of your lighting situation, your hair will always look brilliant.

Unfortunately, color can only last so long on your strands before it begins to fade. Receiving a Shine treatment is the perfect way to refresh dulling hair color. This service will enhance your natural or chemically treated hair with a translucent veil of shine & intense conditioning to repair texture to dull, sun damaged or dry hair. Once applied to the hair, the gloss perfects, tones & color-corrects any imperfections that have occurred since your last visit. Say good-bye to faded ends & dull looking strands.

Best of all, it's a zero commitment salon service that isn't harsh or damaging to your hair at all. In fact, it reduces frizz & actually closes the hair follicle to allow each strand to reflect more light. A Shine treatment also raises the cuticle to deposit a small amount of color to your hair. When the cuticle is lifted, volume & texture are created. This gives your hair the illusion of dimension, fullness & a bit more manageability when styling.

Hey, Blondie!

This is perfect for you, too! Have you ever noticed that your highlights look a bit brassy or yellow? Or maybe your hair feels dry & brittle? Brassy tones happen to the best of us. As any blonde can tell you, yellowing highlights & orangey tints can be a nightmare to correct. By booking a shine treatment, your stylist can correct problematic tones in your hair by adding a touch of color to give you more natural looking results.

With hair glosses (aka shine treatments), your color change can look very natural & subtle. For instance, sometimes when the hair is bleached it can look very yellow due to the hair’s natural undertones. By adding a gloss, your stylist can tone down that yellowness & add in a new hue. So, your hair will still be blonde, but the gloss will allow your stylist to make the color either more golden, ashy toned or any other variation you choose! Think of hair glosses as the perfect final touch to your hair coloring service.

Ask your Hair Stylist for more information about Shine Treatments & Olaplex at your next visit!

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