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It is important to set aside time for yourself; to recharge your batteries, reduce stress & maintain balance in your daily life. There are many therapeutic benefits associated with massage & regular visits to the Spa. Receiving massages & spa treatments occasionally will of course make you feel relaxed & refreshed, but regular treatments offer so much more. Each session builds on itself, helping your body maintain its relaxed state & your muscles to remain loose even during times of physical & mental stress. Make your reservation today & begin your journey towards & happier, healthier YOU!

Massage & Body Treatments

Signature Massage
includes a blend of different 

massage techniques like Swedish, Deep Tissue, Warm Stones & Reflexology, along with Aromatherapy. This massage will allow your stress to drift away, while increasing circulation, improving range of motion & relieving tension in the muscles.

30 mins - $55  

60 mins - $85  

90 mins - $110


CBD Infused Healing Massage
This healing massage is designed to help relieve pain, inflammation & tension throughout the body while easing stress & calming anxiety. A blend of CBD, Arnica & Lidocaine is massaged into the skin with Swedish techniques & warm stones to relax the mind, body & spirit.  

60 mins - $100 
90 mins - $130

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Deep Tissue Massage
Deep tissue is similar to Swedish massage, but deeper pressure allows your Therapist to relieve chronic muscle tension & pain while reducing stress & promoting greater range of motion.


30 mins - $60 
60 mins - $90
90 mins - $115

Expectant Mother Massage
After the 1st trimester, massage therapy proves to be a key component in prenatal care. Mother-to-be will enjoy a side-lying Swedish Massage designed to relieve stress, discomfort & fatigue while increasing circulation.



60 minutes - $90

Hot Stone Massage

Swedish massage techniques combined with warm stones to promote a deeper sense of relaxation & relief. The warmth of the stones melts away tension, eases muscle stiffness & increases circulation.

45 mins - $55     
60 mins - $90     
90 mins - $115

Mediterranean Melt Away
Relax & close your eyes as your worries melt away during the “perfect massage.” A blend of Swedish Massage, Reflexology, warm stones, & aromatherapy. Finish this escape with a Paradise Glow for your back.


60 mins - $100 
90 mins - $130


Head & Neck Massage
Reduce sinus pressure, tension & headaches with soothing aromatherapy & a gentle massage of the head, neck & face.

Peppermint & Lavender have been proven to reduce anxiety & inflammation, improve quality of sleep & more.  30 mins - $55

Couples Massage
A popular option for husband & wife, mother & daughter or even best friends! This service allows couples to enjoy a 1 hour relaxing massage together in our large massage suite.


60 mins - $170

An alternative medicine that reduces stress & relaxes the entire body by massaging pressure points found in the hands & feet. This soothing treatment will help relieve toe & ankle pain, plantar fasciitis & common forms of arthritis.

15 mins - $30

30 mins - $50

Ear Candling
This soothing treatment has many holistic healing benefits that reduces stress & tension. It has also helped with sinus congestion, colds, ear aches & sinus infections, headaches, lymphatic congestion, sore throats, mucus, balance & equilibrium. It is safe & natural.

30 mins - $35

Aloe Herbal Slimming Wrap

Detoxifies your body & tightens loose tissue with immediate results. It is excellent for reducing the appearance of cellulite & stretch marks. About 4"-10" inch loss can be expected with a single treatment. As you relax during your session, enjoy a complimentary scalp massage or eye contour treatment.  2hrs - $150

Paradise Glow Body Scrub

An aromatic blend of essential aromatherapy oils & organic sugar are massaged in circular motions to polish & refine the skin. Designed to deeply relax the mind & body while nourishing the skin.

Full Body - $80

Back Treatment - $40

Calves & Feet - $30

Hand & Arm  - $25

Slimming Wrap Pkg of 6

Enjoy multiple subsequent sessions to further your results. Detoxify your body & tighten loose tissue with immediate results. Excellent for reducing cellulite & stretch marks. About 4"-10" inch loss can be expected with a single treatment. Includes a complimentary scalp massage or eye contour treatment.  

Series of 6 Sessions only $750

Massage Packages
There are many therapeutic  

benefits associated with Massage Therapy. For those who need regular visits, purchase a series of six Massages at a discounted rate. 

60 min Signature Package - $475

90 min Signature Package - $620

Relax & Refine

This relaxing treatment is a combination of massage & body scrub. Designed to moisturize
your entire body, ease achy muscles & reduce stress while exfoliating dry skin to uncover softer, healthier skin underneath.
45 mins - $60



Balinese Massage
This flowing & graceful technique is a firm yet relaxing Swedish massage that blends gentle stretches, reflexology & aromatherapy to improve range of motion & reduce stress while promoting physical & spiritual healing for mind & body. 

30 mins - $50 
60 mins - $75 
90 mins - $105

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