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Dip Nails: Explained

You thought gel nails were impressive - well times have changed!

If someone told you there was a faster, cleaner, healthier, and more affordable way to have your nails done... one that didn’t require UV lighting (so, no more stinging sensations) or harsh chemicals that strip your nails down. A solution that didn't have that “nail salon” smell, dried instantly, had a durable mirror shine finish, AND last longer than gel polish! How could you say "no" to that?!

Well.... OPI is reinventing acrylic nails! Except, compared to acrylics, Powder Perfection Dip nails are faster to apply, completely odor free and leave the nail bed healthy and undamaged while adding protection and strength with natural feeling results. This is an ideal solution for those that chip polish often or have weak nails and need a layer of protection that will keep your nails strong and help them grow.

Now available at Body Shoppe Spa & Salon in all your favorite iconic OPI colors! This manicure takes about 60 mins and lasts until you take it off!

It's also pretty easy to soak off and remove.

You'll need to schedule your Dip manicures every 2-3 weeks - not because the polish has chipped but because you're ready for a change of color and your tired of the regrowth at the cuticle. It might be a good idea to let your nails breath for a few days after you've had multiple manicures consecutively - that's just a suggestion, though!

We care about the integrity of your nails and offer a wide range of conditioning treatments to keep them healthy. Most of our treatments are organic and vegan formulas, and we offer them FREE upon request during all spa manicures.

Some of them include:

Keratin Milk which promotes nail growth, reduces breakage and peeling, and eliminates white spots.

Sprout Nail Growth Factor which fortifies weak, thin and brittle nails. Infused with biotin, calcium, Keratin protein and Argon oil to optimize nail growth.

Drench is infused with shea butter, jojoba oil, argon oil and Vitamin E to provide the most intensive cuticle hydration. Softens and restores cuticles and promotes strong, healthy nails.

It's important to us to always offer you the latest and greatest trends available on the market! We look forward to pampering you, answering any of your questions and we can't wait for you to try this amazing new service!

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