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Aloe Slimming Body Wrap

Give your body a sense of complete renewal, escape from stress & unwind with this “mini vacation”.

This treatment is designed to nourish & exfoliate the skin while tightening & toning loose tissue & detoxifying the body. As you relax during your session, enjoy a complimentary scalp massage or eye contour treatment.

This is not a water loss or dehydration program. In fact, we recommend increasing your water intake to flush toxins out of your lymphatic system.

It is excellent for reducing the appearance of cellulite & stretch marks. Approximately 4"-10" inch loss can be expected with a single treatment. To further your results, multiple sessions will continue your toning & inch-loss progress. (Single Session, 2 hours) $130

Ask the front desk about our discounted Body Wrap packages.

How does it work?: Each session begins with a full body measurement. Clients are then loosely wrapped with heated linen cloths that have been soaked in a tea of aloe vera & herbs. The solution is applied to the skin & absorbed into the deeper layers for about 45 mins as you enjoy a scalp massage or eye contour treatment. It is recommended to drink 3-4 liters of water a day for 2-3 days after each treatment to flush toxins from the lymphatic system and continue the detoxifying process. After the absorption phase, clients will be unwrapped & re-measured to see results.

What should I wear?: You should shower to remove any lotions, oils or anything that would create a barrier on your skin. We recommend that you arrive about 10 mins early to fill out your paperwork & use the restroom before your session begins. We provide disposable undergarments for men & women. However, if you would like to wear your own, you can, but the solution cannot penetrate synthetic fabrics, so cotton is always best. You should also consider bringing a change of undergarments, because what you are wrapped in will get wet.

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